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Indian Finance Sector has seen lot of changes in last two decades and one of the most noticeable changes is how Loan Sector has grown. You must have heard a word ‘DSA’ lot many times and that DSA is one of the vital factor behind the growth of the Loan Sector in India. Let’s understand the word DSA and what it actually does. DSA stands for Direct Selling Agents, On broader term it is an organization consisting selling agents who sells financial products like loans and credit cards through Banks and NBFC’s and in exchange of that Bank’s and NBFC’s gives them their decided share.

You must be thinking why will someone will take a loan through DSA rather than taking it directly from Bank. Don’t worry this is what this blog is all about, so let’s understand the reasons.

1. One Stop Solution
DSA is usually tied up with several banks and NBFC’s through which they provide financial services. So, eventually they have every product of every bank because of which you don’t need to deal with 5 different banks. In other words, DSA makes the loan procedure easier for peoples by offering all products under one roof.

2. Cut Down your Bank Visits
Have you ever tried taking a Loan? If you have then you know how difficult it is sometimes to meet bank’s needs whether it’s verification or sudden requirement of any document. Sometimes this procedure gets to an extent where customer feels like dropping the plan. But when it comes to DSA, it makes your job easy by cutting down the efforts from your side so you don’t have to sacrifice your work life just because you are in need of a loan.

3. Negotiable Interest Rates
Now this point totally depends upon the DSA you have chosen and what place they hold in the market. There are some DSA’s who are working with certain banks for almost a decade and share a decent relationship so they can do the negotiation till some extent. So, make sure you are choosing a right DSA which will save you some money.

4. Fast Procedure
Now this is the biggest reason to choose DSA above banks. DSA has trained sales executives who are highly motivated and they do their best efforts to do the process as soon as possible. Because eventually when your loan will get disbursed, it’s another day of worth it efforts. On the other side you have to wait for all the formal procedures and Bank does not offer those high incentive slabs to their employees.

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